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Estate Planning

Estate Planning Services in West Palm Beach, FL and Serving Clients Worldwide

At Weinberg & Co. we specialize in assisting those with significant assets with all their financial and tax preparation needs. Constant changes in tax law in an already complex system makes it nearly impossible for someone to manage on their own. Instead, high net worth individuals are encouraged to take advantage of the private client services offered by our qualified team. Your wealth isn’t something to trust to just any CPA firm in West Palm Beach, FL.


Trust the firm with skilled financial professionals with more than three decades of experience. Set up a free initial consultation by calling (561) 487-5765 or (561) 687-0700.

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Asset Management Services in West Palm Beach, FL

Everyone has financial goals and we are here to help you reach them. Managing significant financial assets means developing sound strategy, analyzing all avenues for growth and improvement and of course, minimizing risk. There are many different financial strategies and opportunities offered to those with a high net worth so make sure you understand all your options before making any financial decision. You worked hard for your position in life, now let our skilled financial service team help you get the most out of your assets.

Your Trusted Estate Planner

Our financial experts at Weinberg & Co. are among some of the most knowledgeable and experienced when it comes to estate planning in West Palm Beach, FL. Our commitment to your best interests is what sets us apart from other accounting and tax preparation services in South Florida. Ready to get started with professional estate planning?


As a leading business bookkeeper company, we have two offices, one in West Palm Beach, FL and another in Boca Raton, FL. For more information on our accounting services, or to set up a free consultation, call us today at (561) 487-5765 or (561) 687-0700.

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